People become victims of crime not because they can’t take care of themselves, but rather because they have never been exposed to the violence involved in crime, or have never taken any ACTION to educate or empower themselves against crime! 

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Warren's always had a thing for Martial Arts, Self-Defence and Personal
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Defence Unlimited

Self-Defence training to corporates, SME's and Private Groups & Individuals

Self-Defence training is an often neglected aspect that many big corporations have failed to equip their staff adequately enough.

Unfortunately, it has been proven over and over again that staff members who do become victims of crime, and have not been adequately trained, do suffer from a drop in productivity due to their traumatic experience. In our current environment with increasing economic pressure, crime and criminal activity is perceived to be much a more lucrative venture for a growing number of criminals and has thrust the need for effective personal safety & self-defence training to the forefront of every industry.

The courses offered by Defence Unlimited is among the most advanced practical training courses that are on the market and is delivered professionally to ensure maximum effectiveness for all those who participate.

Lifestyle of a Warrior

Lifestyle of a Warrior is a movement to inspire more people to embrace a life that can be holistically fulfilling by either following the path of a warrior, or using the teachings of a warrior in their everyday lives and challenges.

Rivonia Kendo Club

Warren is one of the Founders of the Rivonia Kendo Club and is the head sensei at the dojo. Kendo is the Japanese martial art of the sword. 

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