Interview with The Bar Strength & Conditioning Gym

I had an opportunity to share a bit about myself with my coach, Antoinette Kriel from The Strength & Conditioning Club (which I will refer to as "The BAR") in Rivonia, South Africa. 

In this interview, I elaborate on my kendo and self-defence thoughts. I am always weary of sharing these thoughts as they reflect my personal insights, opinions and experience. Martial arts, I believe, is something one has to EXPERIENCE and FEEL and DO (pun intended with "DO", as in "The Way" as in "Kendo", or "The Way of the Sword") , rather than read, watch or theorise about.  As for self-defence, my comments are based on the years of research and my experience, and delves more into the psychology of self-defence, rather than just the physical aspects. 

My journey to The BAR was purely by accident, but I am glad I found them! As mentioned in the interview, training at The Bar is mainly to supplement my martial arts and self-defence skills. I work the muscles and joints that I don't usually train. This is great as he helps to balance out those muscles which are usually over-worked and inevitably cause my pain or injuries. 

Prior to the lockdown, I was getting into quite a good routine of attending The BAR's 5:30am class 2-3 times a week, and their early morning session on a Saturday! The gyms was adequately equipped so what I needed, mainly strength and conditioning exercises. Furthermore, Antoinette, being a former weight-lifting competitor and champion, was always meticulous in her technical instruction and expertise.  

Thankfully, she is still able to bring her expertises into the online space with her online training classes and related TeamBuildr app!  So, training REALLY has not stopped at all since the lock down! 

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