LIMITED OFFER: Ba Duan Jin / 八段锦 · (8 Brocades of Qigong) Instructional Video

As an avid martial artist, I had always been facinated with the many wonderful martial arts from around the world. During my martial arts journey, I came across this amazing Chinese qigong exercise from Evan Pantazi of Kyusho International. 

It is their version of Ba Duan Jin / 八段锦, or 8 Brocades of Qigong. This set of 8 exercises was developed by a young army general of China, Yue Fei, in the mid-1100's, to support his men’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.And it proved to be very successful!

This video is a follow-along video for those who already know this version of the exercise.

However, I would also like to offer you a private instructional video of these exercises.

Teaching is both my passion and business. During this lockdown period, my ability as a martial arts and self-defence teacher has been severly hampered.

Therefore, for a limited time, my instructional +-45 min video will be on sale for R 180 / USD 9.60 / EURO 8.90.

Payment can be done via EFT or PAYPAL, and access to the video will be sent to you early next week.

Should you be interested in this offer, please mail me on, and I shall send you the various details.

If not, at the very least, enjoy this video of me doing the Ba Duan Jin in beautiful Sagres, Portugal.

Thank you for your support!

Stay Healthy. Stay Home. Stay Strong.

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