Martial Arts, Self-Defence and the Lifestyle of a Warrior!

A very brief, but long overdue blog!

It's the start of a new year, a new decade! The year is 2020 and this is MY YEAR!

At the tender age of 43, I have finally gotten my act together and ready for the performance of a lifetime! But, like Gary Vee once said, you gotta experience life and f** up a whole bunch of times before you truly know what you are meant to be doing!

I've always been fascinated with the martial arts and for the last 25 or so, I have "dabbled" in many, many styles. I've even earned a couple of dan grades in some styles such as a 5th dan in Kendo, 4th dan in WTF Taekwondo, and 2nd Dan in Hapkido, etc. I dabbled in even more martial arts that the sum of my dan grades together, with some being very tradition-bound, while others being more contemporary and practical. I've travelled to countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa in pursuit of martial arts knowledge, training and competition. It has , indeed, been an amazing martial arts journey so far. And now, I take the next step: I have taken over my local Kendo club as a "business" and will be running it as a professional martial arts institution. In some martial arts, this is normal, but in the Kendo-circles, this is almost taboo! There will be resistance and negativity by many naysayers, but if there anything that the martial arts has taught me is that I have to develop a thicker skin to such attacks and use my good intention, discipline and hard-work to guild me through it. I'm very excited about this forthcoming journey of my martial arts path as it will allow me to further explore the many facets of Kendo and the martial arts in general.

Secondly is my self-defence service offerings. Over the last 11 years I have trained 1000's of individuals in my unique blend of self-defence training. I've used my experience in martial arts, holistic healing modalities, and personal, mental and spiritual development to conceive my own self-defence "methodology". I loathe to give it a name, as very much like the late and great Bruce Lee said, "by giving his art (Jeet Kun Do) a name, I have ultimately restricted it's growth and given boundaries to a system that was supposed to shatter boundaries". I am obviously paraphrasing, but it gets to the crux of what I am trying to convey. Self-defence is a dynamic and ever-evolving discipline due to the nature of crime and criminals. They evolve and so should the way we counter their threats. However, there are universal principles that still govern self-defence and the training that follow. My first book that I will publish later this year (yes, I am putting it out there to the universe) will detail that. Publish date TBA! With the help of my sales coaches from the Yin & Yang of Sales, I am further expanding to offerings to a greater audience out there! Furthermore, I will also be offering regular, weekly self-defence classes for those eager to keep themselves and their families safe! It is ultimately adding value to people’s lives and doing my bit for (a very cliched) world-peace and humanity!

Lastly there is this idea I had back in 2017. I was sitting at home as my leg was recovering from surgery due to a training injury. Being immobile and in a cast for 3 months, I was not being able to exercise at all. I was just miserable and felt sorry for myself. That was when I conceived the concept of “Lifestyle of Warrior” - a movement that would inspire people to follow a warrior's path in the physical, mental and spiritual realm. It's still just an idea but it's taking shape in the form of (warrior) lifestyle coaching and mentoring. I put myself on a "Warrior Unboxed" challenge late last year to prove to myself that a 40-something, overweight and mid-life crisis sufferer, could get active and healthy again, thereby putting me in the right state of body, mind and spirit to accomplish even greater things ahead! It's taking shape, and will still be a while before I get to offer it to the public, but it's going to be of great value especially for those who are going through some mid-life / quarter-life / life crisis. A key lesson that I picked up from my Cross Fit training last year is that with sufficient recovery time, and the right mindset to break up the task at hand and keep moving, you can overcome ANY obstacle!

And that's IT! My role has been cast and the stage is set! This is my time, my year and my decade for RESULTS!