NewzRoom Africa Interview #UnapologeticallyAsian #ProudlySouthAfrican Video - 8 June 2020

Interview with NewzRoom Africa (DSTV channel 405) on 8 June 2020 with regards to the #UnapologeticallyAsian #ProudlySouthAfrican Video that has been making waves on social media against the anti-Asian sentiment.

This fun and inspiring video attempts to convey a message of Asian & South African pride, unity and inclusion.

In an effort to raise the awareness against the current anti-Asian sentiment caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, this video attempts to showcase South African Asians as they share their Asian and South African heritage, as well as how they contribute towards society.

The video can be found at this link:
(Or below in this blog post)

The original video was done by a group of American & Canadian actors and stuntmen; which inspired us to do our own!


The #UnapologeticallyAsian #ProudlySouthAfrican Video