Toilet Roll Shopping... Kendo Style!

I recently made a comedy kendo video and wrote a blog about this video and the coronavirus
pandemic we are facing. 

This is what I wrote:

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been much doom and gloom from many people around the world. Everyone's lives have been affected in one way or the other.

In our kendo world, we have seen many dojo's shutting their doors to group training in fear of contracting and/or spreading the virus further. Recently, the South African government had declared South Africa "in a state of disaster" which had caused many of our South African dojo's to also shut their doors.

However, despite this dilemma, many members in our global Kendo community persevere and continue training either at home by themselves, conduct group training via videoconferencing, or produce kendo-related YouTube videos for themselves and for their kendo community.

And through these seemly dark times, there is a glimmer of hope - News reports of yet another recovered infected patient; or another breakthrough along the path of finding a vaccine against this virus.

It is through these hopeful and optimistic events that we can still feel normal and feel the calm yet again.

Perhaps, we can even share a chuckle or two. Alone at first, but it will be soon we can do so with friends and family alike.

This video is dedicated to the global kendo community.

Stay Strong!