"Unlocking Your Potential..." An Interview with Regeneration Studio

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Catherina Joubert, a journalist, an independent thinker and the founder of Regeneration Studio -  an online platform that does both blogs and podcast interviews with business owners  "to capture their personal journeys and explore their determination to follow their dreams, transforming their communities and reconnecting people!'

As "Cat" (or "Carle", as I remember her) mentions in her blog, we had met over a decade ago through our shared passion for Kendo, the Japanese way of the sword. My initial impression of Cat was that of a shy but determined young lady. She was already an accomplished player in the abstract board game of GO, and had then set her sights on improving her skills at kendo. Through her determination and dedication to Kendo practise, she become a skilled kendo competitor and represented South Africa at several international kendo competitions, some of which, I am proud to have called her my teammate. 

We had lost touch over the years thereafter due to work commitments, unfavourable geographical logistics and ultimately pursuing our own personal journeys. I was pleasantly surprised when Cat contacted me recently to do this interview for her new initiative! I was even more surprised when I read that she had at one time considered me a mentor! I was both humbled and privileged to have been bestowed with such a title, but it is one that I will graciously accept.

Thanks to Cat's skillful questioning techniques, eloquent written words and katana-sharp audio editing skills, she accurately conveys my opinions and ideas about business, self-defence and the martial arts through her blog and podcast.  

Read the full blog here: 

And listen to the podcast here: 

As one of her previous mentors, I can only remind her of that young lady, who through her quiet determination and disciplined actions, led her to being at the centre-stage of the world kendo arena. 

I wish Cat all the success with her exciting new initiative, Regeneration Studios.

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