Warrior Unboxed Challenge

As a 40-something year old man, I want to go through a transformation process in 90-days (+- 3 months). The transformation is most visible through the PHYSICAL results that one would see, i.e, it would have to show my physical body having gone through a phase of being “fat & sedentary” to “muscular & functional”. The goal is 2-fold: 1) That such a transformation is possible within 90-days; 2) It can be sustainable even after 90-days. For this challenge, I enlisted the services a CrossFit Coach & Biokineticist, a Dietician, and a High Performance coach! Please check them out at:

- Ricky De Oliverira (CrossFit Coach & Biokineticist): https://www.paladinbiokinetics.co.za 

- Christine Rice (Dietitian) : https://sunninghillmedicalcentre.co.z... 

 - Kyle Campbell (High Performance Coach): https://www.facebook.com/KyleCHPC/ Email Coach Kyle on kyle@kylehpcoach.com

The Warrior Unboxed Challange was done in 12 Weeks using a cambination of  dieting, physical training and attitude coaching! If you are intersted in finding out more how YOU TOO can accomplish these results (and more), please drop me a message below!