The Rivonia Kendo Club (RKC) was founded in February 2015 by Warren HO (5th Dan) and Andrew WHITTAKER (3rd Dan), with the intentions of bringing their combined knowledge and unique aspirations in Kendo to the greater South African community.  Over the course of 4.5 years, the RKC had grown steadily. A bold decision was taken towards the end of 2019 to further establish the RKC as a professional martial arts institution that would offer world-class training of traditional Japanese martial arts.  In 2020,  together with KENDO, the RKC will offer IAIDO ("The art of Drawing the Sword"), and JODO ("The art of the Short Staff").  

China Plus South Africa 2019 Documentary  
(Run time = 2 mins 37 sec)

"Kendo is not just a sport. It is beyond a sport. It is a martial art." - WH

A short documentary of Kendo in South Africa by China Plus SA, featuring Honorary RKC Lifetime President, Tony HUGHES Sensei, as well as RKC Head Sensei (and then, SAKF President), Warren HO.


"KENDO: 11 Benefits for Both Adults & Children"